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In all purchases, shipping costs are free as long as they exceed €60 for orders in mainland Spain. The shipping cost for orders less than €60 will be €4.

IN BARCELONA, hand delivery. To facilitate delivery, send us a WhatsApp (604258801) to be able to match the day and time.

For national shipments we work with the transport company Correos   which gives us a delivery time of 48h/72h. The usual thing is that if it is the capital or an area without restricted access, orders are delivered within 48 hours.

For international shipments (France, Belgium, Netherlands, Germany, Portugal, Luxembourg) we work with ups   which gives us a delivery time of   3 - 5 business days . 

All orders are prepared in special boxes adapted for clothing transport.


Delivery is made between 08:00 and 20:00 hours. In case of absence, the transport agency will contact the client to arrange a delivery on the date and time that suits him best.

Orders will be processed and shipped the same day or the next day when the order has been placed before 2:00 p.m. Monday through Friday.




The online store   has a term for returns of 7 business days from the date on which the carrier delivers your order to the address provided in the purchase. You must notify about the return within 7 business days through one of our customer service channels.


If you wish to make a return or change of sizes of your product, you must do so in the following ways:


- Through our email

-  Through our WhatsApp number 604258801


You can choose between the following options for the return


1. Money back


- Through transfer (savings account, checking account): it is done approximately within five business days after receiving the product back in our warehouse.

- Through payment reversal: fifteen business days after receiving the product in our warehouse. This reversal is at the expense and order of your bank, any questions you should contact them directly.


2. Product change (Subject to inventory availability at the time of change). Changes can only be made for products with a value equal to or less than the original and the difference, if applicable, will be delivered in a coupon for a new purchase in the online store. In case of not having availability for the change, the value of the product(s) will be delivered in a coupon for a new purchase.


3. Coupon to make a new purchase (This coupon is valid for six months from the date of creation).


These are the times for each of the options:


- Money refund: Depending on the payment method you used for your purchase, the refund will be made through an electronic transfer or to your credit/debit card. Partial refunds will be processed via electronic transfer.


- The coupon to make a new purchase will be sent approximately 2 business days after receiving the product in the warehouse.



Conditions of the product to apply the return


- The product must be in optimal conditions

- The product cannot have traces of having been used

- With the original labels or otherwise

- The product must not be modified or altered from its original state

- The product must be in good condition and clean


In case your product does not meet the conditions to accept the return. We will inform you with a message to your email the reason why the change and/or guarantee is not applicable and the product will be returned to the initial shipping address.


Transportation costs and others that lead to the return will be covered by the consumer.


In accordance with the right of withdrawal enshrined in Law 1480 of 2011 art.47, the maximum term to exercise this right is 5 business days from the delivery of the product. The product must be returned in the same conditions in which the Store delivered it. Transportation costs and others, incurred in the return will be assumed by the End User.


Thank you very much

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